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Five Methods to Save Snaps Permanently: Snapchat Tips for Those Who Want to Stay Unnoticed


The most popular and common way of saving the snaps is taking a picture of the received snap with your camera. In the same time, it is not very convenient method, as you need to press and hold in order to view a certain snap. Still, these is one of the methods that allow saving snaps without sender’s knowledge, as same as the further mentioned methods.


Many snapchat saver applications will allow you saving snaps in one click, paying minimum of your time and efforts. The current market of snapchat save tools can offer different kinds of snapchat save app, including SaveSnap, Snap Save, etc.


When dealing with issue of how to save snapchats, different types of file managing software can be also used. One of the familiar tools is iFunBox that browse files on your device once connected to your personal computer. This software allow saving temporary snaps that you can save after. Still, this way of saving can be used only before opening the snaps.


Access to snaps can be performed with the use of data recovery software, which is mostly used for data and unintentionally deleted files recovery. This is a great option, when you deal with destroyed or simply previously viewed snaps that you want to save permanently.


Making a screenshot on iPhone, iPod or iPad can also be a good way of saving snaps. With such a purpose, you should hold home and power button together with keeping a finger on the screen. Once letting go, the snap section will appear. In order to close this window, one should press the home button twice. The screenshot you get on your device can be viewed multiply times after, and is used as an example of one of the snapchat saver android and iPhone saving methods.

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